Breathe. Be. Brave. is a Youth, Family, and Community Mindfulness Service owned by Tanya Beard. She has worked with families for twenty years, as an RN and then as a Child and Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Big questions are raised by stress and trauma, and these are what led to Breathe Be Brave and her work as a Population Health RN and trauma-informed programming consultant.


Tanya is an RN in the state of Oregon, a Yoga Calm Certified Youth Instructor, an RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance), and a Certified TRE® Provider (Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises).

SERVICES: Tanya works in partnership with nonprofits and service agencies to provide trauma-responsive programming and together, better understand how we can all contribute to and build resilience--for ourselves, our students and clients, and in our communities.

She consults privately with adults, children, and families desiring mindfulness mentorship, individualized yoga instruction, and/or TRE®. She teaches Yoga Calm in public and private school settings for ages 2-18 and contracts with schools and other agencies to implement:

     -  Mindfulness Programming (meditation, yoga, and self regulation practice)

     -  Trauma-Sensitive Programming

     -  Parenting and Family Education

LOCATION: Services are mobile and take place in a variety of settings, including community yoga studios, individual homes, schools (public and private), businesses, and community centers.




Yoga Calm


(Tension & Trauma

Releasing Exercises)



Mindfulness Mentorship



School Culture: Tanya has worked in collaboration with the administrative staff and educators at Redmond High School, Elton Gregory Middle School, Obsidian Middle School, and Desert Sky Montessori School in Oregon. She consults with school personnel in Oregon, Alaska, and Washington. Her trainings support staff to:

     1)  Better understand the neurobiology of trauma

     2)  Contemplate classroom environments and management styles that support resilience

     3)  Increase awareness of interpersonal reactions to students with behavioral manifestations

     4)  Consider how self care and workforce wellness intersect to promote or constrain staff resilience

Kind Wraps: is a project motivated by the worst of circumstances and our innate desire to care for one another. In the wake of violence, community can wrap around us as we grieve, heal, and prepare to rise again.

A Kind Wrap is a quilted blanket, made to wrap around the upper body of an individual who has been exposed to physical, emotional, or sexual violence. Each blanket comes with a handout of calming, anger-releasing, and breathing techniques that can help during the days and weeks immediately following a traumatic event.

Kind Wraps are made by community members. They are delivered to medical and therapeutic agencies, where they are given (free of charge) to individuals who may benefit, by trauma-informed, licensed personnel.

If you are interested in making a Kind Wrap, or donating fabric or other materials for this project, please contact Tanya at 541-279-5194.  Text messages and phone calls are welcome.

TRACEs Central Oregon: TRACEs stands for Trauma Resilience and Adverse Childhood Experiences. TRACEs is a Central Oregon community initiative rooted in collective action, which includes partnerships, shared data measures, and resource sharing. It invites us all to join in a shared commitment to strengthening the collective resilience of our region. To learn more, please go to http://tracesco.org/.



Tel: 541-279-5194

email:  tanyabreathes@gmail.com

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